D.I.Y. Photograhy Ring Light with LED Rope

Completed Light

Ring lights are expensive and so being able to build your own is a pretty tempting concept! Wanting to experiment with this I managed to build something that’s pretty good in terms of lighting up my face. The first picture below is using the ring light when the room lights are turned on and the second one is with the room lights turned off.

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Plexiglass Acrylic Ething – Edge Lit Display

Image 0 - Brainplexi
Image 0 – Brainplexi

Hello World!

What makes a successful first blog post? Hell if I know.. I decided to include the Hello World tagline as part of this post in hopes to be blessed by the techno gods.

A while back, struck by boredom I decided to try my hand at acrylic etched displays. I was happy with the end results so I have decided to write about it. I call it “brainplexi” and it lights up in different colors. Scroll through the image reel below to check out all the funky colors. Continue reading “Plexiglass Acrylic Ething – Edge Lit Display”