D.I.Y. Photograhy Ring Light with LED Rope

Completed Light

Ring lights are expensive and so being able to build your own is a pretty tempting concept! Wanting to experiment with this I managed to build something that’s pretty good in terms of lighting up my face. The first picture below is using the ring light when the room lights are turned on and the second one is with the room lights turned off.

Face Light up – Light
Face Light up – Dark

Notice the white/blueish light color that resembles day light. Now the best way to accomplish this effect is with LEDs with the light temperature that is around 6000K. Have a look at the following chart for what the difference in light temperature translates to in terms of the light color.

Led Temperature

As you can see from the chart above, to achieve that studio feel, we need to get a light source that is capable of producing light with the temperature close to 6000K and above. Luckily LEDs are versatile and can easily achieve this with a low price tag.

Right let’s dive right into it and find out how to build one for your own projects. The following is a list of things I used . You are welcome to find alternatives and make your own design.

First thing you need is a base for the project. I used a simple round aluminium baking tray which was pretty rigid and doesn’t bend easily. You can use anything with a circular shape really(Frisbee maybe). The reason behind using the baking tray was that it’s already reflective and I won’t have to use reflective material such as metallic paint or aluminum foil.

Baking Tray

Next thing we need is the actual LED rope light. The following is the one I bought from Ebay for pretty cheap. It comes with a standard wall plug attached to it. The total length is 3 Meters.

LED Rope Light

Finally, a few items you need to put it all together.

A small blade to make holes in the baking tray so that we can attach the rope light to it. Alternatively you could use a flat head screwdriver.

Small Blade

Cable ties to attach the rope light to the tray.

Cable Ties

Cutter to cut away excess cable ties.


I have made a quick video guide detailing the complete build. Check it out on the following link:

I hope you enjoyed this post, for my next post I will be building another version of the light using LED strips.

Questions, comments and well wishes? Let me know in the comments.

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